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To achieve our mission, the International Golf Psychology Association has created an on-line golf psychology course. At the completion of this course, golfers will be able to:


  1) Identify their best and worst emotions to better perform under pressure


  2) Be prepared for every challenge


  3) Be more confident


  4) Bounce back from failure


  5) Develop key routines


  6) Use your anxiety as an advantage


  7) Overcome fears


  8) Stay focused


  9) Avoid burnout


  10) Know the best ways to practice




 How to Complete this Course:


 The Mastering Golf Psychology course from the IGPA consists of 6 modules. Each module contains an overview, video lectures, readings, assignments, and a quiz. To complete each module:


  1) Review the videos, and readings.


  2) Complete the assignments, and quizzes.




 This course follows an open timeline format. This means that you are free to work on any component of the course. Assignments are meant to help you reflect on your own personal strengths and to improve on your weaknesses. Participation in assignments is required to complete this course but these activities will not be graded.




 At the end of each module you will have 20 multiple-choice and True/False questions that comprise each quiz. These quizzes are based upon the videos and readings. You will have unlimited opportunities to achieve a passing grade of 70%. This means that if you don’t do as well as you would like the first time, you can review the information again to work toward a higher score.




 Once you complete all six modules in this course, a certificate will open in the Certificate Module. You will be able to download, complete, and print the certificate to keep. This certificate will state that you completed the Mastering Golf Psychology On-line training from the International Golf Psychology Association (IGPA) and you are certified by this association as a mental game expert.


Where to Go for Help


 At any time during this course, you can ask a question on our Need Help? Please e-mail mentalrules24@msn.com and someone will respond to you within 48 hours.


 Check out the “sample course” button to see the Confidence Section of the course. This section is representative of all 6 sections.