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Master the Mental Game Master Class

Master the Mental Game Master Class is hosted by Dr. Gregg Steinberg, head sport psychologist for the United States Golf Teachers Federation. Now is a great time for you to work on their mental game. The Master the Mental Game Master Class Webinar Series can help you...

The Force is your ATTITUDE

The new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, is astronomical in terms of its praise and financial success. The Star Wars saga appeals to us in so many ways. Some enjoy the sci-fi aspect and imagine how our lives will be in the future. Others enjoy the cutting-edge special...

Find your flow

Charlie Nickell was asked to present his sales strategies at the next national Mona Vie convention. Mona Vie is a network marketing company that sells a fruit drink with 19 different fruits-one being the popular-acai berry. Charlie had entered the company 9 months ago...