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World leader in teaching the mental game of golf and life.

Mastering Golf Psychology™

  • Did you want to master the mental game?
  • Do you want to significantly lower your golf scores?
  • Do you want to be certified as a mental game coach?
  • Did you want to be certified as a golf psychology expert?
  • Do you want to help others to shoot better scores?

Everyone wants a better mental game. Recently, Golf Digest did a survey and the #1 complaint was that golfers could not take their best swings (game) from the range to the golf course. The reason for this is not having a solid mental game.

When you have a solid mental game, you will play your best under pressure!

Unfortunately, most golfers don’t know how to properly work on their mental game. Furthermore, no golf psychology books or DVD’s have given golfers the true secrets to mastering the mental game.



Here is your opportunity.

The International Golf Psychology Association (IGPA) has created a golf psychology certification course called, Mastering Golf Psychology™.  The knowledge in this course will allow you to play your best under pressure. After completing this course, you will be able to take your best swings from the range to the golf course and you will become the player you always wanted to be. Also, and essential to many, once you complete this course, you will be certified as a mental game coach and a golf psychology expert endorsed by the IGPA–The World Leader in teaching the mental game of golf.

 This course is endorsed by the United States Golf Teaching Federation and the International PGA.

PGA Professional will earn “2” PGA Required Education Credit when they complete the course.

LPGA  has also approved this course for continuing education credit.

While this course has been approved by the top golf teaching governing bodies, you don’t need to be a golf teacher or coach to enjoy the benefits of this course. Any level golfer will see amazing improvements in their game from the videos, articles and drills in this course!

Go to the “Sample Lesson” button to see free vids, articles and drills on mastering your anxiety!

Chris Warner-The Harvey Penick Recipient 2014 for Great Teaching states:

“The Mastering Golf Psychology course is incredible as it gives students a chance to take their game to a whole new level. It is very in depth, yet user friendly. I highly recommend this course to Teaching Professionals due to the fantastic information that it offers. Dr. Gregg Steinberg did a fabulous sharing his amazing knowledge!”    


Mastering Golf Psychology™, shows you how to master the 5 key golf psychology components. When you master these 5 mental game essentials, you will be a golf psychology expert. The 5 key mental game essentials create the framework for this course and are as follows:

  • Awareness: Being aware of your best and worst emotions is key to performing your best under pressure
  • Confidence: Being confident is king to playing your best under pressure.
  • Anxiety: You can turn anxiety and fear into your advantage.
  • Concentration: Staying focused is key to playing our best
  • Motivation: We need to be motivated to practice and compete

Each of these 5 sections have many videos, articles and applied exercises for you to master each component. Please click the “sample course” button and you can see the entire Anxiety section, which is representative of all the sections.

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