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Matt Kuchar’s Problem

Matt Kuchar’s Problem
February 17, 2019 Gregg Steinberg

If you are following a hot topic in the golf world, Matt Kuchar  basically stiffed his caddie. He had won the Mayakoba Classic in Mexico and won with  a local caddie, who worked for him only that one week. They had an agreement according to Matt that was different from the typical 10% given to the caddie when his player wins a tournament. The caddie should have gotten $120,00 but only was paid $5000. Word got out the Kuchar really did this caddie wrong and in a few days, it was all over social media. Kuchar than made a foolish comment about how this payment was a “fair” fee and then social media really took him to task.

Then yesterday, he fixed the situation and gave the caddie $50,000, the sum which the caddie has requested.

I am telling this story because I believe this will have serious ramifications on the mental game of Matt Kuchar. He knows his reputation has been tarnished and that will hurt him mentally.

But most importantly, what goes on outside the ropes is as essential as what happens on the course. You can’t be bullet proof on the course if your life is crumbling outside the course. Just ask Tiger Woods.

So if you are struggling mentally on the course, you may need to ask yourself how you can fix your life outside the ropes first. Once that happens, your mental game will improve.

What do you think? I would like to hear your comments about this.

Dr. Gregg Steinberg

Director IGPA



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