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Jimmy Walker breathes to his first major

Jimmy Walker breathes to his first major
August 7, 2016 Gregg Steinberg

Congrats to Jimmy Walker on winning your first major! JW won the 2016 PGA championships and he deserved it with his amazing ball striking and putting.

You can imagine how nervous he may have felt coming down the stretch. JW did not admit it as he looked cool as a cucumber but he was nervous inside- guaranteed!

In sports psychology, we know that you will be nervous when there is uncertainty and when something is important to you. Both were going on for Jimmy Walker. One of the best ways to overcome your anxiety is to breathe. It seems simple but when we are nervous, we start breathing faster. This goes back to the fight or flight response. Under the fight or flight response, you breathe faster so you could run faster from danger. This carryover effect happens to us.

If you are coaching others to deal with pressure, make sure they focus on breathing at the start of their routine. It will help amazingly to overcome the nerves.

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