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Don’t be like Roger Federer

Don’t be like Roger Federer
July 18, 2019 Gregg Steinberg

If you have been watching Wimbledon this season, we have been treated to some great tennis. If you have been a fan of Roger Federer, as I am, you are a bit disappointed he did not win the championship, but he played amazing in the final. He fell just short of the champion, Novak. But if you look closely at Federer’s demeanor throughout the tournament, he was very stoic. He does not show much emotion after a great shot or a miss. This is how he keeps his composure.
However, look at Rafa Nadal. He shows much more emotion during the match. He needs to find his energy by getting pumped up for every point. While you should mimic the greats in how they play, you must mimic people who match your personality. If you have great energy, don’t be like Roger. You need to release it and you should be more like Rafa. If you are more stoic, don’t be like Nadal and mimic Federer.

But this is not about tennis!

Be who you are in tennis, golf or any situation and your greatness will rise to the occasion.

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