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Become a certified Mental Coach

Become a certified Mental Coach
July 25, 2018 Gregg Steinberg

If you watched the British Open this past weekend, you saw the amazing play by the winner Francesco Molinari. While always a good player, Molinari struggled with his mental approach so he saw a mental game coach who worked with him on playing ugly. I call this “Getting comfortable in the uncomfortable”. More specifically, Francesco would practice under intense pressure so that he was comfortable under intense pressure. When the moment came and he needed to play his best at the 2018 British Open, Molinari was ready and he played brilliantly.

Do you want to learn tips like this to help your players perform at their best. Please check out www.masteringgolfpsychology.com. This certification course was developed by the International Golf Psychology Association. The certification course has many videos, articles and applied exercises for you to master the mental approach. It is approved by the USGTF, PGA and LPGA for CEUs. There are many free videos and articles as well as a free mental game E-book. Even if you don’t work with golfers, this information will help you to become a better mental game coach! If you use the code iggy199 you can get the course for half off until Sept 1, 2018.


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